Our candles and diffusers are exceptional, and yes, we are biased!

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Tracy, Gold Coast

"Your candle's are my favourite! When I'm in other shops, I think, 'they're not Morro & Co!'. Others are nice but they lack the heart beat yours have. Just saying"

Market Customer, Gold Coast

"What I love is that my candle makes the room smell good even when I just take the lid off. And when I've had enough, I just put the lid on. Best of both worlds!"

Leah, Gold Coast

"There's something about your BEACH fragrance that really makes me feel like I'm on an island somewhere. I love it. It's like a holiday in a jar without the craziness of airports and over populated beaches."

Jodie, Sunshine Coast

"I've never smelt candles this good before. Seriously. Normally they are too strong or too weak, but these are just right."

Kelly, Brisbane

"A Morro & Co candle (and now diffuser), is just what I need when I come home after a stressful or hard day. There's something about coming home to those uplifting words and catching the fragrance as I walk past that just makes me smile and relax."

Katrina, Gympie

One of our stockists

"Your products are divine. Just divine. We love having them in our store and watching how beautifully they touch someone's heart"

Lauren, Canberra

"The Morro & Co affirmations are what draw me in. Every time I read mine, it's like you wrote it exactly for me in that moment."

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