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"Your candles and diffusers are like none I've ever experienced. Their scents aren't too strong or soft, and you can actually feel the care that's gone into making them. And those affirmations are perfect!" - Kim.S

What others are saying...


"You can feel the care that's gone into making them! You really can. Even my anti-candle husband loves them!"

"Your candles are just the best! When I go to markets and see candles, I normally just keep walking past. And I nearly did with yours BUT they looked too good, and then I smelt them. SOLD!"

"The affirmations are what I love. They never get old and when I need to be encouraged, they are just what I need."

"Thank you for making such beautiful candles and diffusers. Thank you for your encouraging posts and always being real."

Morro & Co is a candle company with a difference.

Claire, the founder and candle maker, wanted to create something that she couldn't find anywhere. To say she is obsessed with inspiring women to live their best lives would be understatement.

Our mission is to infuse hope into lives, something that is deeply personal to Claire. Her own journey, marked by the loss of both her aunties and mother to suicide and an intense infertility journey, has driven her to channel this loss & pain into a force for positive change. Morro & Co is committed to helping others choose a different path, even during their toughest moments.

Every Morro & Co candle is a labour of love, hand-poured by Claire, in our Gold Coast studio. With meticulous attention to detail, each candle has been curated using premium natural ingredients sourced exclusively from Australian companies. This dedication to quality and care is what sets Morro & Co apart in the market.

Our candles are more than just products; they're a symbol of resilience and hope.

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