What makes our candles special

* Each batch is hand poured on the Gold Coast

* All our candles are made with all natural Australian products

* All our candles burn for 50hrs

* After the pouring of each candle, it is left to rest, allowing the wax to cool and meld together with the fragrance. We play intentional music during this time that is joyful, hopeful, and gentle. Throughout every phase of crafting your candle, we take care to infuse it with as much hope and love as can be imbued.

Ways to use your candle

  • Light it - your candle was created to be lit. The whole purpose of a candle is to bring light and it can't do that if you don't light it. You can always light another candle, but you can't live another moment.

  • Enjoy it's cold throw scent. What that means is you enjoy it unlit for a while but take it out of it's pacakging and remove the lid. It's natural fragrance has been created so it's strong enough to enjoy naturally and infuse the room.

  • Use it as a daily affirmation, or morning devotional. On the back of each candle is either a bible verse or positive quote. Simply turn the candle around and let the words on the back be your source of hope, positive encouragement and strenght for the day. Once the candle is empty, wash it out and use it as a keepsake with your own affirmations or treasured verses.

Why your candle was created

This candle was designed to be a sensory experience as well as a tangible gift of hope, kindness, love and encouragement.

It was also created to be enjoyed, not hidden away or kept in it's packaging for a special day.

The aroma of each candle has been carefully and intentionally chosen to mirror the affirmation located on the back of the candle. Rotate the candle to reveal the word and speak it over your day or circumstances. For a complete experience with this candle, we suggest playing some music and immersing yourself in its fragrance. You might even consider adopting the affirmation's words as your personal declaration or daily prayer. If any particular thoughts arise, jot them down to preserve and cherish them.

How to care for your candle

* Remove any wick debris before lighting your candle

* Turn your candle periodically to avoid uneven burning

* Allow your candle to burn long enough so the wax can melt all the way to the edges of the jar. Burn for no loger than 3 hours

* Candles are sensitive to temperature and light, store upright in a cool, dry place, and away from direct sunlight and fluorescent light.

* Always burn your candle within sight, out of the reach of children and pets. Never burn your candle on a delicate or non-heat resistant surface, or near an open window or door

* Use a candle snuffer to extinguish your candle