Picking the ONE

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Let's address the elephant in the room - how do you pick a fragrance based product online when you can't smell it?

We get it! We do. It is hard to do but that's why we wanted to create something to help make the process easier. We know our products are special and we want to make sure you get to experience them at least once!

Once you've created the quiz, keep an eye out in your emails! We'll send you our recommendations AND a complimentary car diffuser of the scents we recommend!

Our story....

MORRO & CO was created to bring hope to your world. Whether you're in a dark place, or going through a hardship - we wanted you to know you're not alone.

Claire, the founder of MORRO & CO, knows what it can feel like when life is hard. She is incredibly passionate about people living their best life and doing all she can to give people hope.

Our candles & diffusers aren't just for people who have seen the painful side of life. They for anyone who love luxurious products that inspire you to live your most wonderful life.

Every single candle/diffuser is hand-poured and rests in positive music for many hours to ensure it comes to you with layers of kindness and hope.

Fast candle facts

  • All our candles rest in hours of music.

  • All our candles have personal prayers or kind whispers spoken over them.

  • All our candles are made in small batches at a time to ensure the highest quality.

  • All our candles are labelled with vinyl waterproof labels. This means you can wash the jar and have it refilled with the same scent, or easily peel off the label and reuse the jar as you wish.

  • All our candles come with a handwritten note to from Claire to encourage you and remind you how precious you are!