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become a stockist of morro & co | allow us to make your own branded candles

Our current stockists are:

  • Nurse Jodie, Sunshine Coast
  • Home by De Vere Design
  • Australia Post Paradise Point

Our distinctive touch lies in the thoughtful pairing of each candle or diffuser's fragrance with a handwritten affirmation. Each is written to inspire, uplift and bring comfort. Let me say it this way...picture a busy woman, navigating the chaos of family life and work stress, pausing to glimpse the words like 'HOPE', 'BE STILL', 'NEW DAY' or 'DREAM' in her space - wouldn't that gentle reminder be just what she needs to find solace and strength? I truly believe so. Why? Because it did for me on my toughest days.

When you choose to stock Morro & Co, you're not just adding another product to your range, you're doing so much more! You're gifting your customers a moment to smile, to breathe, be encouraged, feel refreshed and enjoy a moment of kindness to themselves.

Custom Branded Candles & Diffusers

We absolutely love creating candles and diffusers that are as individual and unique as you, and that includes your business.

We understand that while you might love our core range of candles and diffusers, you want your brand to be the one others see. For that reason, we offer private label production.

That simply means, we make the candles and/or diffusers and you label them with your own branding and message. Basically, we do the work, clean up after and you get the praise. Sounds like a win/win to us!

We can design labels for you as well if that is an additional service you need.

BECOME A MORRO & CO STOCKIST? We'd love to hear from you & send you a wholesale info pack

Still have questions?


A stockist is someone who we supply our fully branded candles to and keep well stocked all year long. This customer would generally have a retail space where customers go to shop.

A wholesale customer is someone we make custom candles for but is not branded as a Morro & Co candle. It's a candle you put your own branding on and is for companies who don't purchase from us regularly.

DO I HAVE TO ORDER A MINIMUM NUMBER OF CANDLES? There is a minimum of 24, but we understand every business is different and your needs may need a personal conversation. If that is the case, please contact us so we can find the perfect solution for you.

HOW MUCH IS EACH CANDLE? There's a few different elements that effect the pricing. Please reach out to us directly for custom quote.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO RECEIVE MY CUSTOM MADE CANDLES? The candles need two weeks to set once they have been poured ideally. This ensures the wax and scent has completely combined. There is time needed for our conversations and shipping too. Safely, we say from first point of contact to delivery allow 3-4weeks.

DO I GET TO CHOOSE WHAT FRAGRANCE I CAN HAVE? You do! You can choose from our range or we can create a scent that is perfect for the message you are wanting to give to your customers.

CAN I HAVE A FRAGRANCE YOU DON'T USE? You can! If this is the case, then please allow more time as we may need to send samples to you and additional time is required for shipping to and from our studio.

DO I HAVE TO USE THE SAME JARS AS YOU? You don't. We have a wide range of different jars and styles available from our supplier. Our competitive pricing is based on the high quantity of jars we buy and use though, so we may need to pass on the higher pricing if the jar you choose is more expensive.

ARE YOU ABLE TO SUPPLY THE CANDLES LABELLED? We can. We just ask you allow an additional 1-2wks for this service on top of the 3-4wks as a standard. Our printer is Sydney and it takes a little more time to have those labels produced and sent to us.


Light at the end of the tunnel...

Welcome to Morro & Co.

This is safe haven of hope designed to illuminate your world. Whether you find yourself navigating seasons of deep pain, or just need a little more joy in your day, you will find it here!

While I can't alter my mother's or my aunties' narratives, I'm driven to be that nagging voice in your world telling you that somehow and someway, it will be okay.

Our candles are more than just products; they're a symbol of resilience and hope.

Crafted by hand and nurtured by music's embrace for hours, each candle arrives at your doorstep infused with layers of compassion and promise.

At the core of MORRO & CO lies a celebration – a recognition that you can transcend all limitations. You're more than your circumstances, more than the sum of your experiences thus far.

Our candles are messengers of love, capable of altering the very air you breathe; they convert hope into a tangible presence.

MORRO & CO is an embodiment of possibility, a journey toward embracing your worthiness. Let our candles redefine your space, as they bring tangible hope into your life's every corner.