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Australia Post Paradise Point - Gold Coast, Qld

Nurse Jodie - Sunshine Coast, Qld

Home by De Vere - Gympie, Qld


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The story behind our candles...

MORRO & CO was created to bring hope to your world. Whether you're in a dark place, or going through a hardship - we wanted you to know you're not alone.

Claire, the founder of MORRO & CO, knows what it can feel like when life is hard. She is incredibly passionate about people living their best life and doing all she can to give people hope.

Our candles aren't just for people who have seen the painful side of life. They for anyone who love luxurious products that inspire you to live your most wonderful life.

Every single candle is hand poured and has rested in music for many hours to ensure it comes to you with layers of kindness and hope.