Do affirmations actually work?

Do affirmations actually work?

Affirmation - the assertion that something exists or is true.

Let me answer with a story...

There once was a woman who was beautiful. She really was. She was classic and she seemed to never age. Her taste in clothes was sometimes a little different to most, and yet she wore them like they were the latest fashion. Her beauty wasn't just contained to her outward appearance - her heart for others is what made her truly beautiful. People just adored being around her, and she radiated joy in all places. Her ability to seek the one in the room that felt unseen and unloved was a gift, she would go out of her way to make sure they knew they mattered. 

But none of that mattered because she didn't believe she was any of those things. 

No matter how many times people told her how much they loved her, how much she mattered and how incredible she was - she didn't believe it. She wrestled with what people said and how she felt daily. It never seemed to make sense how opposite they were. Her home was filled with pretty things and memories, but nothing that affirmed what was true. The one thing she saw every day was her medications that whispered to her that she wasn't good enough or strong enough to live a life of value (disclosure - I am not against medications, just in this case it caused more harm than good). Eventually what she felt became all she believed. On June 17 she decided her life had no value and she cut it short that day.

That woman was my mother. 

I truly and wholeheartedly believe that if she had something in her bedroom that reminded her of her value, her goodness, her strength, and God's love for her, that she may have made a different choice that day. Something that was the first thing she saw each day to remind her she is worthy and valuable. When you see something enough, you start to believe it. That's why what you put around you matters, what you watch matters, what you listen to matters, and what you read matters.

That is why positive affirmations matter.

If a child hears/reads they're stupid every day, they'll eventually believe it.

If a model hears/reads they're beautiful every day, they'll eventually believe it.

If a woman hears/reads they're worthless every day, they'll eventually believe it.

If a man hears/reads that they can't be loved, they'll eventually believe it.

´╗┐Do daily affirmation work? Yup! I know because I've seen what happens when they aren't used.

This is the very reason our candles all come with a scripture or quote - we want them to be a tangible reminder┬á´╗┐every day´╗┐ that you are loved, you are strong enough, your life has value and there's always hope no matter how dark it gets. Every day something will fight against you, so why not make sure you are equipped for the battle. When you know who you are, your truth, that is when your life becomes truly amazing!┬á

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