Candle Feature | BE STILL

Candle Feature | BE STILL

Do you believe God can, for you?

Do you believe God will, for you?

Do you believe God has, for you?

There's a reason I added 'for you', let me share why.

When I thought of what I should write for my first blog - this just seemed to fit perfectly. In the race to make this year something special and amazing, being still can seem like the last logical and sensible thing to do. 

I promise you this will make sense by the end!

For most of my life, I definitely believed in God, the God of the bible, but not a real and living God. I believed He could and would - for others but not for me. If I am really honest with you, I boardline treated God like a good fairytale you read at night to make you feel better after a big day. The scars from painful things that happened meant I believed God didn't care about me, love me, or even want to be associated with me. 

So the question is, then, how did I go from that to where I am now?

How did I (and continue to) I keep believing, trusting, and knowing that God knows my name, wants to be intimately involved in each of my days, and is actually doing things I am yet to see? How did I build my faith when letting go seemed more appealing?

I learnt to be still.
I learnt to let the tears fall.
I learnt to say the questions out loud.
I learnt to chase the answers less.
I learnt to spend time in the quiet.

There have been many days I didn't want to believe God anymore, it all seemed too hard and even useless at times. Everything seemed to get harder and darker, and yet something in me was fighting for me. 

You see what I've come to truly understand is what you surround yourself with is what will be your weapons of strength when you want to give up.

I began to see all those Sundays I sat in church and heard words of wisdom started to matter, along with the songs I played in the car when I felt so lost. All those prayers people spoke on my behalf mattered, all those podcasts I put on now mattered, and all those beautiful verses I had placed around my home now mattered. All those little things I did then, were actually very big and impacting things.

"Words are powerful" is a quote we've all heard and I really believe it's true. Why do marketing agencies keep it repeating the one message - because they know that impacting and influencing our subconscious is just as important as our conscious state.   

It was the same for me - all those songs, podcasts, framed pieces of art, prayers, morning devotionals and much more, were quietly building resilience, my faith and my my hope. They were building my desire to fight and hold on. That is how I was able to believe that God was real and that He was absolutely concerned about the things that mattered to me.

The fragrance of this candle is a respectful nod to that part of my story, and to yours. It's sweet, gentle, comforting, strong and delightful. Think of yourself being on a tropical island with just God, walking along the shoreline with the warm, salty air brushing over your skin will you both sip quietly on island coconuts.


This candle is a reminder that

... in our battles we aren't alone. 
... there's nothing weak about surrender.
... God is real and alive.
... that our choices matter.
... the only voice that matters is God's.

Our Be Still candle is a reminder that often our part in the battle is to just trust, and God will do the rest.

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